We Want Your Views

We aim to deliver integrated and sustainable public transport services people want. So your views are important to us and we want to hear from you.

To maximise customer satisfaction we continually listen to all our customers (users and potential users of public transport) and stakeholders.

We carry out many consultations to seek all views on our policy proposals or service improvements. 

We will post details of consultations on this page.

Budget 2014-16 Consultation 

We recently undertook a consultation to save £14 million on our budget over the next two financial years, April 2014 to March 2016. We would like to thank the 8,000 people and groups that gave us their comments.

We asked for views on proposed changes to:

  • Child fares
  • Ring and Ride
  • Subsidised Bus Services
  • Metro and Rail travel for elderly and disabled people
  • Travelling after 11.00pm by bus for elderly and disabled people

The Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) has taken into account the Equalities Impact Assessment and given due regard to the responses from the consultation. At its meeting on 14 February the ITA therefore agreed the following measures will be taken in order to achieve a 5% cut in the levy for 2014/15:

  • We will reduce our own operational and staffing costs by £3 million (15 per cent) which is £1 million more than originally planned. It means Centro, through staffing restructures and other efficiencies will have reduced these costs from £27 million in 2010 to £16.5 million in 2014/15 - a cut of nearly 40 per cent.
  • Child concessionary budget is set at £13.7m, taking account of the negotiations to be held with operators - a saving of £0.5m.
  • A grant to the charity West Midlands Special Needs Transport (WMSNT) is set at £8.5m.

Ring and Ride 

The ITA Committee meeting approved a grant of £8.5 million for Ring and Ride services in 2014/15.
Centro have since held further discussions with Ring and Ride West Midlands Ltd concerning their proposed service levels.

Ring and Ride West Midlands have advised that they will be operating the following service from April 1st:

  • Monday to Saturday 8am to 11pm. This is an improvement from the previous proposal to run to 8pm only in the evening. However a lower level of resource will be provided than currently provided.
  • No service on Sunday. Last Sunday operation will be 30th March.
  • Fare for registered users to increase from 60p to £1.00 per single trip, half fare for children, from April 6th.
  • 48 hour advance booking to be improved to 24 hour advance booking, to commence from April 7th. 
  • No service on Bank Holiday Mondays or Christmas Day.

Passengers will be advised of the changes in service provision through notices on vehicles. For more information visit the Accessible Transport page of this site.

Other budget measures are:

  • A change to Subsidised Bus Access Standards. The minimum number of passengers per journey will rise to from 5 to 8, and the cost per journey will be reduced to a maximum of £1.60. The subsidised bus budget is set at £8.3m, which assumes operator prices continue to fall next year.
  • Bus station maintenance and infrastructure costs will be cut by £1.0m from £7.3m to £6.3m.
  • The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (statutory free passes for the elderly and disabled) budget will be set at £57.6m - a reduction of £1.9m, taking account of the assumed continued reduction in patronage.
  • Finance expenditure budget to be set at £27.2m - a reduction of £1.0m.
  • As well as retaining free tram and train travel and half price child fares, it is also proposed to keep free bus travel after 11.00pm for older people, the blind and disabled. Free bus travel from 9:30am onwards is protected and will be untouched.

The ITA report has more detail about the changes.