Councillors and Committees

The West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority is responsible for setting the strategy, budgets, project prioritisation and submitting bids for funding for public transport related matters across the metropolitan West Midlands area. The seven councils in the area appoint one councillor each to sit on the Authority in order that they may better co-ordinate their approach to public transport. Further information on the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority can be found on its website.

The delivery of the policies of the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority has been delegated to a joint committee, comprising 27 councillors drawn from across the seven councils. The pages in this section provide more information about this Centro Members Joint Committee, including contact details for the 27 councillors, dates and times of its committees, and copies of the reports and minutes for each of its meetings.

For further information about the Centro Members Joint Committee, please contact Centro's Governance Services office at or on (0121) 214 7505.

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