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The DetailsĀ 

Right Side Extension

The plans for the Birmingham Centenary Square Extension have been developed in close cooperation with Birmingham City Council. They support and complement city and regional plans for development and form part of the Centro Strategy for the region 'Towards a World Class Integrated Transport Network'.

The extension will run from the new terminus stop on Stephenson Street outside New Street Station, travelling along Pinfold Street and turn west onto Victoria Square, with a new stop at the Town Hall. From here, the extension travels along Paradise Street to Paradise Circus then turns onto Broad Street, where it will continue until it reaches the route terminus at Centenary Square.

Running between Wolverhampton and Birmingham Centenary Square, the extension will offer a fast and frequent service with a tram operating every six minutes.

Transport and Works Act Order

Centro already has approval to extend the Metro but, to integrate with the Paradise Circus redevelopment, we are proposing to adjust the alignment in the vicinity of the development. The change to the route requires a supplementary Transport and Works Act (TWA) Order.

The TWA Order authorises us to construct and maintain a revised route within Paradise Circus Queensway approximately 2 metres north of the original route, further away from the buildings on Paradise Street and closer to Paradise Circus redevelopment. The Order will also revive powers to compulsorily acquire land for the Birmingham Centenary Square Extension including the additional land required within the development to facilitate the new alignment.

The benefits of this route adjustment mean that the costs to build the Metro extension are reduced as there is no need to build a bridge over the Suffolk Street Queensway tunnels.

Centro is working closely with the developers of Arena Central and Paradise Circus to minimise disruption during construction and also reduce costs to the overall project by delivering this new alignment.

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